Yasmin and Allison Prepare for Conference

25 May Yasmin and Allison Prepare for Conference

We are currently looking forward to the national quarterly conference as an opportunity to learn new concepts and advance the Elite Solutions mission. Our Director, Yasmin, will be attending the event and taking one of our leaders and trainers, Allison, with her.

Allison was chosen for the conference because she is really stepping up her game around the Elite Solutions office. She has been taking on extra tasks and asking a lot of good questions. Her inquiries reflect her desire to keep learning every day.

Conferences like this one are key elements of the Elite Solutions training approach. We also have the chance to attend exotic retreats and a wide range of informative industry events. Through these excursions, we turn recognition of great performance into ongoing growth. Another positive outcome is that those who attend industry functions can share what they have learned with colleagues back at the office. This way, everyone wins.

Along with learning new insights and best practices, industry conferences allow us to add helpful contacts to our networks. We’re able to accelerate our own development through these connections. We open unexpected doors for Elite Solutions in the process, because our new contacts can lead to collaborative ventures with other firms.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to networking and professional development, as well as our current projects, check out our Newswire.