Preparation Musts for Public Speaking

25 May Preparation Musts for Public Speaking

We’re always sharing our best tips for public speaking around the Elite Solutions office. It’s important to be a confident and capable presenter when chasing professional goals, and we have found the following preparation strategies to be especially helpful.

It’s essential to have a strong hook in a speech or presentation. Offering solid and compelling information simply isn’t enough; we need to develop a memorable angle that will give the audience something to latch onto along the way. This is the best way to create anticipation for our main points and make the strongest impression on listeners.

It’s also important to home in on a few key areas as we create our speeches. We often rehearse with our Elite Solutions colleagues to make sure we have found the right main points on which to build our presentations. When we ask our coworkers to identify and summarize the major ideas of the speech, we get valuable feedback that tells us where to make improvements.

Getting to know our audience is another central step in our speaking preparations. When we know as much as possible about who will be attending our presentation and why they would want to hear what we have to say, it’s a bit easier to compose something memorable.

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