Keep Procrastination From Ever Becoming an Issue Again!

04 May Keep Procrastination From Ever Becoming an Issue Again!

When procrastination becomes a topic of discussion, it’s often about what has happened because of it. A more productive approach that Elite Solutions team members like to use for this situation is to think about what might have caused us to procrastinate, and then address those issues.

Psychologists have identified seven factors that lead to procrastination. These include the perceived importance of the project, your experience with the tasks involved, how confident you feel about achieving your goal, and your current mood. Any of these issues alone can derail your progress, and together they can create a tough obstacle.

To counter the negative influences that lead one to procrastinate, Elite Solutions leaders find these questions helpful:

• “Am I Doing the Right Thing Right Now?”: Many professionals make the mistake of spending their energy on tasks that don’t matter, and then try to focus on priorities when they have little to no drive left. Put first things first to make sure they get done.

• “Have I Done This or Something Similar Before?”: Drawing on experience will help you feel confident, which in turn will keep you driving toward your goals. Consider a similar situation that might help you excel on your current task, or recall another time when you faced uncertainty and succeeded. Remember how good it felt to achieve, and you’ll be motivated to push forward now.

These are just a few of the questions Elite Solutions associates rely on to stop procrastination before it begins. For more motivational strategies visit