Make Travel Fun and Productive With These Tools

04 May Make Travel Fun and Productive With These Tools

We’re big fans of business travel at Elite Solutions, and when we’re on the road we keep our eyes open for ways to make our lives easier or help us be more productive. Check out our list of travel tools and remote work solutions that help us in both ways:

• Google _____ (Insert Favorite App Here): If you have a need and there’s a technology solution, Google probably has something for it. File storage, collaboration tools, and an excellent map app form just the tip of the iceberg for those who do their work on the go.

• Evernote: Elite Solutions travelers love using Evernote for jotting down ideas while on the run, then sitting down later to connect the dots. It also stores web pages, online pictures, and photos you take with your phone.

• Your Smartphone: Speaking of phones, our Elite Solutions team recognizes that smartphones are much more than communication tools. They can handle an entire suite of office applications while also keeping track of travel miles, monitoring late or early flights, and even acting as a virtual tour guide.

• Audiobooks or E-Readers: One of the great things about traveling (if you’re prepared for it) is the downtime you’ll have on a flight or in a hotel room. Elite Solutions associates like to use this time to catch up on our reading with audiobooks we downloaded to our phones or Kindles.

Business travel should be a relaxing, productive, enjoyable experience. Visit our website at for more tips.